Old Cars

Curiosity got the best of me one day and I took a drive down a dirt road located in the northwest Rio Rancho, New Mexico area. With intentions to take photos of the small canyon that I believed to be at the end, I came across this beauty all by its lonesome. There was another vehicle at the bottom of the canyon that was tossed over like piece of trash. This one seemed to have been given another fate and left for me to look through and photograph. With appreciation and a sense of  reverence, I captured it forever; unchanged.

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Williams Lake, NM

The family and I took a hike up to Williams Lake yesterday. It was exhilarating and gorgeous!!
Williams Lake sits at 10,040 ft above sea level, surrounded by Taos Mountain and Wheeler Peak. This is a beautiful hike and can be quite challenging without the proper foot-wear in the early fall. We hiked up there in sneakers and slid quite a bit. It wound up being fun but fell a few times. I have a few bruises to show for it!All-in-all it was so worth it!!