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Friday the 13th

Today is Friday the 13th (June 2014) and there is a full moon.
The last time it happened was October 13, 2000. The next time will be August 13, 2049.

Many are superstitious and some believe it is bad luck during full moons and on the 13th of Friday. If you suffer from paraskevidekatriaphobia; today is the day you fear most.
Whether you trace the origin back to the Norse mythology, christian beliefs, Numerology, or the Knights Templar, it has definitely stayed around and kept its wonder.

Blood Moon

Moon eclipse with Spica (262 light years away)

As I stood outside, freezing, I couldn’t help but truly appreciate the beauty of the night sky. There she lay before me; twinkling stars, orbiting planets, and the eclipsed moon. Even with my glasses on, I can only see a tiny fraction of the millions and millions of stars/suns. I still have such a childhood awe that looks up with such an amazement and humbleness. I enjoy feeling small. I enjoy seeing that the world, the galaxy, the universe is much bigger than I am. It, in a way, makes my life challenges seem even smaller; less challenging.