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Taos Balloon Rally 2017


Taos with hot air balloons
Taos with hot air balloons

Every year in October, Albuquerque puts on an AMAZING Balloon Fiesta. For those of us who prefer a more intimate, smaller hot air balloon venue, Taos is where to go.

I have attended and photographed every Taos Mountain Balloon Rally since I’ve lived in the Taos area. It takes place behind the new courthouse, the last weekend in October, which sets a gorgeous fall backdrop for the balloons.

Taos 33rd Annual Balloon Rally 2015

Every October fall, the Taos Mountain Balloon Rally captivates the small town of Taos, New Mexico and attracts visitors from all around — because it’s a much smaller amount of balloons than the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta, it creates a far more personal and intimate experience for all.

“Pilots, crews and attendees gather in the cold pre-dawn to celebrate the rally’s annual return and to watch the sun come up over our eastern peaks — a sight worth the early awakening any day of the year, but one which will be distinguished by the ascent of many richly colored balloons into morning’s first light.” ~ Taos News